Digital printing and interior design

The innovative dynamics as well as the continuous and constant technical evolution of digital printing, both in terms of printing systems and range of media, are sufficient arguments to dedicate a series of articles to the enormous potential that large format digital printing and its related environment offer to the world of decoration and interior design.

We are convinced that, as the main actors in this sector, we must develop an educational and training work that allows the main agents in the world of decoration, architecture and interior design to know the extraordinary potential that digital printing offers them in their day-to-day work. And all of this with the aim of enriching and adding value to your projects.

In subsequent posts, we will develop each of the options in more depth and highlight the enormous potential of materials and techniques. In this blog, we would just like to outline the broad outlines of what the world of digital printing has to offer.

Specifically, we are talking about :

  • Textured vinyls in amazing finishes in different families: wood, marble, leather, textile, concrete, solid colours, glitter, etc.
  • Customisable large format prints on supports with different textures: stucco, canvas, leather, …
  • Various media (vinyl, textile, paper) to create individualised wall papers, either in terms of the image to be reproduced and/or the size of the image.
  • Application of the potential of large format digital printing (sizes, units, variety of materials, etc.) to very diverse substrates with infinite possibilities: methacrylate, aluminium sandwiches, canvas, brushed aluminium, vinyl carpets, textiles for curtains, upholstery, tablecloths, tiles, marble are just some of the examples of materials that can be processed.
  • Generation of tactile prints with incredible WOW effects through the selective use of varnish. Or the generation of Braille writing without limitations of units, dimensions or type of support.
  • Adhesive films for windows (either vinyl or textile) that guarantee privacy without forgetting the harmony of interior spaces.
  • Materials of latest generation with specific qualities for various applications: high grip for rough floors or garages; sun protection films; acid effect films; translucent films in a wide range of colours; repositionable films that are easy to fix and leave no adhesive residue on removal; these are just some of the examples we will discuss.
  • Decorative panels with unlimited 3D effects, wood, marble, natural stone, metallic, etc. to give new life to walls, furniture, headboards, etc.

And all this, without forgetting such important aspects in demand in the market as sustainability, recycling, speed, the development of actions without building work, without noise and without dust or dirt.

In short, and as we said at the beginning, there is a wide range of possibilities and options that we want to discover and share with you.

Of course, and as always, do not hesitate to contact us to solve any doubts or visit us at our facilities to “open your mind” to a world of new possibilities. And, if that is not possible, we will be bringing it to you through our upcoming blogs.