New office! ¡New showroom!

As you know, since a few months ago we are giving a new vision to VinylColor. We have changed our graphic identity, our website, increased our presence on social networks and refurbished our offices, among other things.

A few months ago we invested in a new printer that has allowed us to break with the canons of large format digital printing, thanks to it we have joined the printing revolution.

Digital prints are no longer what you thought they were, they are no longer static images but graphics with life that allow you to touch, feel and even move. Printing creates sensory effects.

Don’t you believe it? We invite you to come and visit our showroom, where you will discover some of the most innovative and eye-catching examples.

You can see:

Direct white ink printing. We will say hello to white, until now a feared and hated color.

3D effects. Bring your prints to life!

– New textiles, new materials, etc.

In short, new ideas and the possibility of doing them. Call us (952.90.15.91) or stop by the office to see “the printing revolution” live.

You’ll leave with a head full of ideas!