Printing on rigid media

Following our entry on flexible substrates, today we will focus on rigid substrates that expand the possibilities of our large-format printing solutions.

In contrast to flexible substrates, rigid substrates do not come in rolls but in sheets of various sizes, usually 3.00 x 2.00 meters and in different thicknesses.

Most common rigid supports

Featherboard: light, lightweight and very common in interior projects.

PVC: more rigid than the previous one and valid for outdoors.

Methacrylates: both for illuminated signs and for creative interior design and decoration.

Alocubond: it is an aluminum sandwich used for both indoor and outdoor solutions.

To all these “traditional” supports and thanks to the latest printing technology present in VinylColor, we are able to print on a wide variety of “new” materials that allow us to expand the range of solutions and creative possibilities.

Some of these supports are: wood, glass, marble, tiles, stones, even iPads!!!.

Don’t miss our next posts about these new supports and even new and incredible varnishing options.

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