About us

We are a company specialized in wide digital printing for more than 20 years.


We cover a wide range of visual communication possibilities. Architects, designers, interior designers, event companies, outdoor advertising, corporate image, retail, all of you have a space reserved in our applications.


We are not a typical printing company; we get involved with each project of our clients to provide added value to it.


Our innovative DNA allows us to take on new challenges every day: varnish prints, print therapy, sensory prints, white ink, wall coverings, printing on all types of rigid media and a long etcetera are common in our day to day.


Lightboxes, 3D letters, canvases, applications for interior design and decoration, vehicle wrapping, … Visual communication is our natural environment.


And if you need a company on which to download the implementation of campaigns at a European level, you don't need to keep looking. We have a great experience developing implementation campaigns for large retail brands at an European level. Our life motto "one phone for multiple solutions".


Our human team has huge experience, with training endorsed by leading brands in the market and in constant renewal and evolution.

In Vinylcolor we know that your business is the most important thing for you, that is why you need the best 

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